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The Evil Dead & Demons Double Feature

The Evil Dead

Retro Picture Show presents Sam Raimi's original classic THE EVIL DEAD (1981) followed by Lamberto Bava's Italian splatter-fest DEMONS (1985). Both screening on 35mm at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY on Friday, January 27, 2017.



[VHS synopsis] Five vacationing college students unwittingly resurrect these incredible demons from their ancient slumber. Now there is no escape. The guilty must be punished. One by one the students themselves are shockingly transformed into monsters whose own thirst for revenge becomes insatiable. There is only one way to stop them – through the act of bodily dismemberment. To survive this grueling terror, former friends and lovers combat each other until only one man remains. He must now defend himself enough to discover the horrible secret of the evil dead… or die trying! (81, 85 mins, 35mm)

DEMONS (1985)

[VHS synopsis] Demons takes place in an old mysterious cinema, where all the patrons have been invited by a sinister disfigured man distributing movie tickets. The surprise attraction is a horror movie, several patrons are disgusted by the picture, a brutal stalk & slash flick that centers around demonic possession & graphic murder. Meanwhile a young girl who cut her face on a display mask in the foyer, begins to undergo a hideous transformation into a snarling demon, she contaminates her companion and panic spreads around the cinema. (85, 89 mins, 35mm)

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