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"Maniac at Large" Double Feature and Q&A

"Maniac at Large" Double Feature

Retro Picture Show presents the classic sequel MANIAC COP 2 (1990) [DCP] followed by the film that shocked the world MANIAC (1980) [35mm]; both screening on Saturday night, October 22nd at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY. Director William Lustig will be on hand to discuss both films!



[VHS synopsis] The mysterious Officer Matt Cordell is stalking the streets of New York once more… the ‘Maniac Cop’ is back!

Once Cordell was a hero, a supercop, but he was framed by crooked superiors and now nothing can stop him on his macabre mission of vengeance.

They thought he’d vanished in the murky river depths when he crashed off the pierhead in a stolen police van… but they were terribly wrong. You can’t kill the dead that easily and the wrong arm of the law is back.

Cordell’s burning need for revenge has driven him into an unholy alliance with a vicious serial murderer. Now, the city’s two most feared killers have become partners in terror, sharing a chilling common bond – the need to destroy.


[VHS synopsis] This hair-raising film traces the grim steps of a maniac killer as he stalks New York City streets randomly searching for his prey. After ritually murdering and graphically scalping his victims, he takes their hair and clothes to his lair which he shares with his grotesque collection of mannequins which he costumes with grisly trophies.

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